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About Us

My name is Anthony Brazzell, I am a veteran of the US Army. I have been self employed since 1988. My love for coffee led me to roasting it and providing it to others who share that same passion for a great cup.

Started roasting coffee in our kitchen, my wife suggested that I roast my own coffee and stay out of the gas stations drinking theirs.

10 years of roasting coffee as a hobby has turned into us investing in a commercial roaster and roasting business.

CoCo Nays was founded in 2014, in Greenwood, SC. It's amazing to see how this one beverage brings so many people together, it is a staple in community.

Sourcing the finest of beans from reputable farms is our goal, with the intent of making a positive impact on the farm communities we purchase our beans from. We also rely on a network of green coffee exporters who follow meticulous quality control procedures at every stage of production. We receive our beans green and fresh from the farms. We then roast your coffee in small batches so that you'll enjoy the flavor in every cup.

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